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Painting by Byron TikPainting by Byron TikPainting by Byron TikPainting by Byron TikPainting by Byron TikPainting by Byron Tik

The Spirit Series was painted in Byron's own Byron Bay art Gallery / Studio and has received much recognition and success.

Each painting had the underlying theme of dance and movement. In this series Byron studied which lines and colors related to a persons movement and what defined the soul of a person. To find the answer, Byron worked for several weeks with one model.

It took four photo-shoots, over 2,500 photographs, hours of organization, observation and dialogue, one video-shoot and over a 100 sketches. Initiallly termed "The Narrative of Motion" the series is now referred to as the Spirit Series because it contains powerful mysterious poses creating the sense that the spirit is being pushed out of the physical cage of the body. 

Byron explored the differences between mind, body and spirit, life and death, the soul leaving the physical body behind. The result was an amazing series where he managed to capture these experiences on the two dimensional surface of the canvas.

Due to the success of this series, prints of these paintings are also available for sale 

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