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Painting by Byron TikPainting by Byron TikFigure Paintings by Byron TikFigure Paintings by Byron TikPainting by Byron TikPainting by Byron TikPainting by Byron TikPainting by Byron TikPainting by Byron Tik
Byron's more recent work has involved using much more paint, applying thick layers with a palette knife, to create a sense of texture and movement. He has been using this approach in combination with purely figurative work, to evoke a more dreamlike imagery. It's the fine line between reality and the expressive power of color. Part of the process has been to turn the painting around whilst working on them. Byron's work has also increased in size, with him preferring to work on canvasses up to 2 x 1m. His work has been described as art that rouses the mind's eye, dreamscapes and soul exploration.

Byron is very aware of his own life journey, which is why he has embraced concepts in spitirual art, looking at duality, ego/ identity, greatness, love and freedom, Influenced by the synergy with his Wife Amanda, and the magical creations in their lives, has also inspired Byron to discover even more original forms of self expression.

Byron is often approached to paint commission pieces, as many clients wish to have their own special creation brought to life.

He has exhibited a number of series, most recentl, the "Red and Black" collection. Byron chose to use the strong contrast of the colors Red, Black and White, and the subtle values and nuances of shading within the body, to create eye catching and intriguing works. In these images Byron used a figurative approach, based on sketches with models, to create white figures that are classically rendered against a black background, giving the work a unique character.

Although Byron considers himself an oil painter at heart, he often explores various other modes and mediums that enrich his pallet and possibilities such as Drawing, Photography, Film and Mixed Media.

His paintings are filled with expressionistic power combined with classical skill. 

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