Byron Tik

Welcome to, the complete overview of recent works and past exhibitions.

A comprehensive review of the artist's works from the past decade.

Browse throught the portfolios of original oil paintings, original drawings, prints and commisions these sections give a overview of the most recent work, painting of the human form, abstract expressionism, sensual, erotic art, spirit, African wildlife, scenery, still lifes drawings.

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Have your original painted commission piece, painted in cooperation with the artist as many clients before have had their own special creation brought to life.

Byron's most recent inspired works, expressions of life's journey, spitirual art, looking at duality, ego/ identity, greatness, love and freedom.

Original oil paintings combine his classical skills with the expressionistic power of colour. These current paintings lend themselves to the principals of colour healing and colour therapy, as human forms are integrated into a matrix of kaleidoscopic colour. 

Thick layers of paint are applied with a palette knife, to create a dynamic sense of texture and movement within the colour scapes. He has been using this approach in combination with purely figurative work, to evoke a more dreamlike imagery. It's the fine line between reality and the expressive power of color. 

art that rouses the mind's eye, dreamscapes and soul exploration.