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Untitled Document
Rays of light in dreams


close up
I have chosen this close up of this expressive piece to show the explorations of the boundaries, between the abstract and the figurative. Whilst painting, every time I would get stuck in a figurative area I would turn the painting arround and work on the composition or rythm

Oil on Canvas
2008 - close up
full size 180x120cm

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p139 transformations - SOLD

Original Painting
$1,600.00 Out of Stock

p140 Human Abstraction

Original Painting

p203 beyond form and boundaries

Original expressive oil painting

P205 rays of light in dreams

Original Painting

p206 confrontation

Original expressive oil painting

P209 Orange and Blue

Original Painting

P214 Study of man

Original Painting - this painting has been sold
$75.00 Out of Stock

P224 Metamorphosis embracing duality - SOLD

Original Painting this piece was painted as an assignment and has been sold to a client in Sydney
$2,800.00 Out of Stock

P225 Joy

Original Painting - this painting has been sold
$1,400.00 Out of Stock

P226 Mind spinner

Original Painting large contemporary abstract

P227 Frequencies

Original Painting large abstract art

P228 Blue Boy

Original large abstract painting

SOLD P204 Uplifting quality of joy and color

Original Painting
$3,200.00 Out of Stock

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